Are Dating Apps All Hot or Not?

Match Group says its services including Tinder and Hinge are responsible for nearly two-thirds of all relationships started on a dating site or app.



Plenty of people are dating online these days, but that doesn’t mean success comes easy.

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Match Group

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says its portfolio, which includes Tinder and Hinge, among others, is now responsible for nearly two-thirds of all relationships started on a dating site or app, although the company is hardly the only fish in the sea.

Online dating is still a work in progress. Many users air their grievances about various dating platforms on social media, hoping for empathy or even a date. Some users complain about too many suitors. Others feel there aren’t enough. One woman said all the swiping gave her carpal tunnel syndrome; another said she sees the same faces so often, she can tell “when one of them has had a haircut, traveled somewhere, [or] lost or gained weight.”

Some comments are constructive. Instead of linking to photo apps, someone suggested linking to Twitter to ensure suitors are literate. Someone else said she has better luck on Venmo, where at least she can vet who can afford dinner.

Privacy is a key concern and a source of dark humor. “Can one of the Russians looking through my photos please tell me which ones to use on dating apps?” one user tweeted. “I’m having no luck so far.”

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