Banksy: Where have potential new artworks been spotted?

A series of artworks that seemingly have been created by Banksy appeared on the east coast of England over the weekend.Spotted a short drive away from each other in Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Gorleston between Friday (6 August) and Sunday (8 August), the works are created in Banksy’s trademark style and are signed with his name.However, the elusive artist is yet to lay claim to any of the works. If they are, in fact, done by him, he will likely share them on his Instagram page.LowestoftOn Friday, four murals were discovered in Lowestoft in Banksy’s style.The artwork, painted on a wall over a bridge in Nicholas Everitt Park, shows three children standing in a boat that appears to have been made out of a piece of scrap metal.A child inspects the mural in Lowestoft after the metal raft had been removed (AFP via Getty Images)The possible Banksy features one child looking ahead as though out to sea, another child behind looking over their shoulder, and a third at the back of the boat leaning over the side holding a bucket.Writing above the artwork says: “We’re all in the same boat.”The digging child appeared on an old electrical shop (AFP via Getty Images)Another painting was also spotted on a wall outside the former Lowestoft Electrical shop on London Road North, which appears to show a child next to a sand castle. (AFP via Getty Images)A third appeared next to a yellow skip depicting a huge seagull.Another showed Banksy’s trademark rat reclining on a deck chair with a cocktail. It was spotted on a wall at North Beach.Great YarmouthTwo other works appearing to have been created by the Bristol-based artist were spotted in Great Yarmouth.A new miniature building appeared at the Merrivale Model Village overnight on Sunday, depicting a horse stable with a thatched roof.The words: “Go big or go home” are spray painted on one side, while Banksy’s name appears on the other. It also features a rat sitting on a wheel, a motif that has repeatedly appeared in his work.Also in the town, paintings of three people appeared on top of a bus stop on Admiralty Road.More paintings appeared on a bus stop (AFP via Getty Images)Two of the people are dancing, while a third sits on the side of the bus stop playing an accordion.GorlestonA large-scale mural appeared in nearby Gorleston-On-Sea over the weekend as well.The claw in Gorleston-On-Sea (AFP via Getty Images)It shows an amusement arcade-style claw from a crane machine and hovers over a bench in the town.

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