Control Game Guide: The Best Ability Upgrades To Spend Your Points On

Control is now available, and the paranormal third-person shooter is far from an easy game. You need to use your morphing Service Weapon and telekinetic abilities in tandem to be successful, and doing that is only possible if you make the most of your ability upgrades. Separate from the mods you can apply to Jesse and her weapon, ability upgrades allow you to enhance several attributes using points you acquire through normal play. But where should you spend these points? We’ll show you with our Control ability upgrades guide.

Ability upgrades explained

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Ability upgrades are essentially the “skill tree” of Control. As you progress through the story and complete key missions, you’ll be awarded upgrade points that can then be spent on enhancements for your statistics. These are not the same as mods, and they are tiered, meaning the fifth upgrade you get in a category can only be unlocked after unlocking the first four. You cannot unlock new ability upgrades everywhere. Instead, you will need to be visiting a control point, which act as the fast travel destinations in Control.

Unlike mods, you don’t need any other resources to craft ability upgrades. This makes it a quicker way to enhance Jesse’s capabilities if you are having trouble in an area. However, upgrade points aren’t particularly plentiful. This means you need to prioritize which upgrades you want, and knowing the best ones to focus on will make that a whole lot easier.

There is one other benefit to unlocking ability upgrades, and it involves your mods. As you continue spending points, a progress bar will fill up at the bottom of the upgrades page. The first level of unlocks will give you an additional weapon form slot, while the second two will both add another personal mod spot. Make sure you have some good mods ready to go for when you can equip them!

Which ability upgrades should you focus on?

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If you have a specific play-style you want to use in Control, you can tailor your ability upgrades to suit it. For our play-through, we focused on a mobile and aggressive build that rarely stayed in the same place for more than a few seconds. As such, certain upgrades to abilities like the Shield weren’t particularly useful. Below are ability upgrades you should unlock first to improve your chances of survival.

  • Health: Each unlocked tier gives you additional total health. Health upgrades are vital in Control and you can remove a health-focused mod if you have enough unlocked here.
  • Energy: Not quite as vital as health, but you use energy for everything from evading to throwing objects. Every little bit helps you beat enemies in fights.
  • Launch: Increases the amount of damage your Launch ability does. It is crucial to focus on this early, as it will allow you to kill weaker enemies without needing your gun as a follow-up attack. An optional unlock will also let you throw missiles back at enemies.
  • Seize: Increases the amount of time an enemy will be under your control, and can take the pressure off of Jesse in a hectic fight.

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