‘Disturbing’ giant hand statue unsettles citizens of New Zealand

Citizens of New Zealand are being unsettled by a huge hand that’s been installed in the centre of Wellington.

The artwork, which is named “Quasi” and has a face etched onto it, is based on scans of body parts belonging to artist Ronnie van Hout.

City Gallery Wellington wrote on its website: ”It’s as if ‘the hand of the artist’ has developed a monstrous life of its own.”

The artwork is currently overlooking the city’s Civic Square. 

Its arrival caused quite a splash with civilians. “Does anyone know what the heck this is?” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another wrote: “That is the ugliest and most disturbing piece of “art” I have ever seen in my life.”

Van Hout created the statue in 2016. It was designed for the Christchurch Art Gallery following an earthquake that rocked the capital city in 2011, but has now been moved to Wellington.

It’ll remain in Civic Square for the next three years.


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