Elvira Gavrilova — the producer and the face of the national project TOP-100 “Pride and Beauty of Ukraine”

Elvira Gavrilova, the producer, had a photo shoot for promotion of her new project

A good producer is ready to work hard for their pet projects to ensure sponsors’ support, high ratings, and commercial success. Even if it takes becoming the PR-campaign’s face. This is what is done by Elvira Gavrilova. The producer of the national ratings TOP-100 “Pride and Beauty of Ukraine”, from time to time, uses the unique images for the promotional photos. Looking like a model, she uses her artistic nature to present her projects to the audience brightly and unconventionally.

Elvira Gavrilova and Dima Kolyadenko — the creative advertisement of the all-Ukrainian rating

Elvira Gavrilova and Dima Kolyadenko on the promotional photo for the projects TOP-100 Pride and Beauty of Ukraine

The results of both women’s and men’s ratings being soon summarized, the famous Ukrainian producer pleased the public with her new creative photo-project. One of the photos became a poster for the upcoming award ceremony. The stylish photo shooting with Dima Kolyadenko will, by all means, draw the attention of Internet users. The partner for this image photo shoot was chosen for the reason – Elvira and Dima have been friends for years now. The charismatic dancer, singer, and showman is an indispensable host of the project’s final gala-concert. This artistic tandem looks fantastic both on the stage and before the camera.

Elvira Gavrilova, the producer, has a creative touch in the project promotion

The national award “Pride and Beauty of Ukraine” for the third year in a row represents talented and successful Ukrainians to the world – actually, this is the idea behind this project. Elvira Gavrilova, the producer of the project, is devoted to the idea of Ukraine’s brand promotion, so for the photo shooting, she opted for the eye-catching looks by KAPSAMUN. When working on his collection, the young designer Aleksandr Kapsamun used the world of reptiles and birds as his inspiration. It becomes quite obvious when you can see Elvira, looking like an exotic bird in the provocative almost-seen-through fabric, wrapping her body like a cloud, and the feather, decorating the outfit. The flamboyant Dima Kolyadenko was also quite natural in animalistic look.

The results of the ratings “Pride and Beauty of Ukraine” 2020 — the large-scale gala-concert is anticipated by the audience in April

The audacious presentation stirs up the interest in the project. Both the participants and the audience are looking forward to April, 24 when, following now good tradition, Odesa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet will host the rating’s nominees, celebrities, and international show biz stars. Year in and year out, Elvira manages to bring the VIP guests from all over the world to Odesa. Taking part in business-conferences, being a guest at the various international fancy “parties” (the Cannes Film Festival, Milan Fashion Week, Monaco Yacht Show, etc.), the producer takes every chance for networking and establishing new business connections with the representatives of business, famous producers, and philanthropists. When coming to Ukraine at Elvira’s invitation, they always speak high about the excellent organization of the project and the fantastic environment they enjoy.

The all-Ukrainian rating Pride and Beauty of Ukraine 2020 - you still have a chance to get to the TOP

The red carpet of 2019 Award Ceremony became an entry to the Book of Records of Ukraine as Europe’s longest. We still have to wonder what surprises we are facing during the 2020 final show. However, having a look at Elvira Gavrilova’s Instagram, we can get an idea about the scale of the ceremony. Her posts feature the photos from Portugal, Monaco, and Italy where she negotiates with the overseas partners. The award ceremony will likely excel the previous one in terms of its scale and visual appeal. On social media, the producer says that the TOP-100s are still in the process of the final ranking. It means that there is still a chance to get into the lead 100 of the most successful and talented. You can fill in the application for TOP-100 “Pride and Beauty of Ukraine” at the official web-site of Elvira Gavrilova and learn more about producer’s other projects.

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