Peacock: Everything We Know About NBCUniversal’s Streaming Service

NBCUniversal kicked off 2019 by announcing its entry in the rapidly expanding streaming video landscape, and nine months later, that service was given an official name: Peacock.
Set to launch in April 2020, Peacock already has an impressive lineup of new and classic content expected to be available at launch or shortly thereafter, including complete runs of popular syndicated series, reboots and revivals of fan-favorite shows, and even some classic and original films.
Here’s everything we know about Peacock so far.
Launch date
In NBCUniversal’s announcement of the official name for the service in September 2019, Peacock was also given its April 2020 launch date. There was no specific day given for the service to go live, but we do know that more than 15,000 hours of content will be available when Peacock goes live.
The price
Detailed pricing for Peacock will be announced closer to launch, according to NBCUniversal, but we already know that Peacock will be made available in both ad-supported and subscription-based formats, similar to the models used by streaming competitor Hulu. What’s unknown at this point, though, is how much each version of the service will cost and whether there will be any differences in the available content, video and audio quality, or simultaneous streams for each model.
The content
The competition for exclusive content among streaming services has been fierce, and NBCUniversal has confirmed quite a few high-profile projects for Peacock ahead of its launch.
Classic and current TV
The following shows will have full seasons — and in some cases, complete series — available on Peacock:
The Office
30 Rock
Parks and Recreation
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Downton Abbey
Everybody Loves Raymond
Friday Night Lights
Will & Grace
The King of Queens
All 44 seasons of Saturday Night Live will be available at launch, with the current and subsequent seasons also available after the season ends on NBC. Not all of the shows listed above will be available on the service at launch, however. For example, Peacock won’t be acquiring streaming rights to The Office from Netflix until 2021.
We’ll likely get more information about each series’ availability as the launch date approaches.
Classic movies
Peacock is expected to feature a large library of movies from the film vaults of Universal Pictures, Focus Features, DreamWorks Animation, and Illumination Entertainment.
The wide array of films confirmed to be available on the service at this point include Bridesmaids, American Pie, Field of Dreams, Jaws, Do the Right Thing, Dallas Buyers Club, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, as well as the Fast and the Furious, Despicable Me, Shrek, Back to the Future, and Jason Bourne franchises.
New (and newish) shows
NBCUniversal has plans to bring reboots or revivals of several popular series to Peacock, often with ties to existing, older shows and films available on the service or through one of the company’s broadcast networks or film studios.

Some of the projects reportedly in development for Peacock include the following:
A reboot (or possibly a spinoff) of Battlestar Galactica from Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail
Rutherford Falls, a comedy series from Mike Schur (The Good Place, Parks and Recreation) starring Ed Helms
A reboot of the Punky Brewster sitcom
A revival and pseudo-reboot of Saved By the Bell that already has some of the original series’ cast members attached
Who Wrote That, a documentary series from Lorne Michaels exploring some of the most memorable Saturday Night Live sketches
A reboot (or spinoff/revival) of The Office
Dr. Death, a drama starring Alec Baldwin, Jamie Dornan, and Christian Slater
Brave New World, an adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel, starring Demi Moore and Alden Ehrenreich
Straight Talk, a psychological drama starring Jada Pinkett Smith, with Rashida Jones executive producing and directing the pilot
One of Us Is Lying, a mystery series based on Karen M. McManus’s novel of the same name
Armas de Mujer, a dramedy from the creators of Telemundo’s La Reina del Sur
A new talk show featuring The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon
Angelyne, a limited series “exploring the identity of L.A.’s mysterious billboard bombshell,” starring Emmy Rossum
The third season of sitcom A.P. Bio will move to Peacock
A new spinoff of The Real Housewives series
The Amber Ruffin Show, a weekly late-night talk show starring Amber Ruffin and executive produced by Seth Meyers
New movies
NBCUniversal reportedly struck a deal with DreamWorks Animation to produce original, animated features for Peacock, and both Universal Pictures and Focus Features are reported to be developing original films for the streaming service. Also confirmed for the service is the original television movie Psych 2: Lassie Come Home, a sequel to Psych: The Movie, based on the series of the same name.

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