Stay Scratch-free With the Best iPhone 11 Pro Screen Protectors

The iPhone 11 Pro is the powerful new iPhone for anyone who wants a smaller phone. Smaller than the iPhone 11 and the super-sized iPhone 11 Pro Max, the iPhone 11 Pro has a powerful Apple A13 processor, a triple-lens camera, and improved battery life. But every last bit of Apple’s new phone is experienced through the 5.8-inch screen. The Super Retina XDR AMOLED display is a stunning sight to behold, but it won’t remain so if it takes a tumble and shatters, or just gathers a collection of ugly scratches. Keep it protected with one of the best iPhone 11 Pro screen protectors.
Whitestone Dome Glass
Whitestone should be your first port of call when looking for a screen protector. The Dome Glass protector itself is made from hard tempered glass which provides a solid barrier between your phone and the outside world, protecting it from scratches, bumps, and chips. But it’s not the protector itself that’s special — it’s the way it’s attached. The Whitestone Dome Glass employs a liquid adhesive which is cured with the included UV lamp, ensuring a solid fit and boosting touch sensitivity. It can even be applied on an already scratched screen, as the adhesive will stop it from getting worse. It’s expensive, but it’s very good.

Tech21 Impact Shield Self-heal
Tech21 is one of the best names for protection, and its selection of screen protectors for the iPhone 11 Pro lives up to its reputation for solid protection.  While it doesn’t have the solid strength of glass, Tech21’s Impact Shield is made from three layers of film, providing strong protection against scratches and bumps. It contains Tech21’s Bulletshield, a high-performance material that Tech21 claims absorbs the energies from drops time-after-time. It has a self-healing finish to close up minor scratches and leave your view unblemished. While we wouldn’t recommend a film protector for heavy-duty protection, Tech21’s Impact Shield is a good middle-ground for everyday protection.
Moshi AirFoil Glass
Made from atomically strengthened glass, Moshi’s AirFoil Glass is a strong protector that’s also 40% thinner than most glass protectors at just 0.3mm. The atomic strengthening means it’s shock-proof, scratch-proof, and durable, while an oleophobic coating reduces unsightly smears from fingerprints. The edges are rounded for your comfort, and the AirFoil adhesive means it’s easy to install without air bubbles sticking around. It’s strong, but $25 may be too much for some to justify on some additional glass. But if you can afford to splurge, then Moshi’s AirFoil Glass is a great choice.

Skinomi MatteSkin Anti-glare Protector Twin Pack
The iPhone 11 Pro’s display gets extremely bright, but it can still be affected by glare from strong light. Cut out the reflections with Skinomi’s MatteSkin protector. It’s made from protective film, so while it won’t protect as well as glass, it’ll still resist scratches and keep dirt and grit away from your display. But it’s the matte coating that’s the really special element here. The matte coating cuts out a large amount of glare from strong lighting, making it the best choice if you commonly find yourself under strong lights, or out in the sun. The top layer also has self-healing properties, and it’s exceptionally good value as it comes in a twin pack.
Bodyguardz SpyGlass Edge
Screen protectors can do a lot more than just protect, and the SpyGlass Edge from Bodyguardz is a great example of a protector with a few tricks up its sleeve. The SpyGlass Edge has a special coating applied which means it fades to black when viewed from an angle while keeping it crystal clear when viewed from the front. It may seem odd, but it’s intended to keep away prying eyes — and it’s perfect for anyone who uses mobile banking, handles confidential data, or just likes their privacy. The glass is strong and durable too, so don’t expect it to be weaker. A great option if you hate people reading over your shoulder, but keep in mind it’ll make it harder to share amusing videos or images with nearby friends.

RhinoShield Impact Protection
Another film protector, but one that RhinoShield claims has been tested to the highest possible standards against impact energies. That is to say, it was hit with a hammer. We never recommend hitting your phone with a hammer regardless of protection, but if its even half as protective as RhinoShield claims — and it also claims the Impact Protection can absorb five-times the impact energy of Gorilla Glass 3 — then your display should be very well protected. It’s as thin as a single sheet of printer paper, and though $25 is a fair amount of cash, this slim protection could be worth it.

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