The Best PSVR Games Available Today (July 2019)

Sony’s jump into virtual reality with the PlayStation VR has proved more successful than many of us anticipated, including Sony. In less than a year on the market, players have bought more than one million headsets, and it comes as no surprise to us because in our review of the VR headset, we found the hardware to be very impressive.

As with all video game platforms, the hardware can’t win over and maintain loyal fans on its own. It takes a steady lineup of great games and luckily for the PlayStation VR, there’s been plenty of that to keep us busy since launch. Here’s our list of the best PSVR games available today.


I Expect You to Die

It doesn’t technically have anything to do with 007 or the James Bond franchise, but I Expect You to Die delivers the white-knuckled and tense spy action you’d expect from the series. Armed with special telekinetic abilities, you must escape certain death using only your wits – and whatever tools you can find in the environment.

Defuse bombs and stop rooms from flooding before they kill you, and prove your handler wrong. I Expect You to Die’s retro aesthetic feels like it was pulled directly out of a ‘60s spy film, all with a healthy dose of humor to make each death feel a little less painful.

Batman: Arkham VR

batman arkham vr review feat

Sure, Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham trilogy and Batman: Arkham Origins made you feel like Batman, but what if you could actually become Batman? Batman: Arkham VR switches the action to first-person view as you thwart the efforts of Gotham’s most nefarious criminals, solving puzzles along the way and taking out enemies with a variety of famous gadgets.

Though much shorter than Rocksteady’s other titles, the opportunity to step into the Dark Knight’s suit and dawn his cowl is worth the price of admission, and it even expands on some characters’ stories from the other Arkham games.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew


Star Trek has an incredibly loyal and dedicated fanbase, and with Star Trek: Bridge Crew, they can jump into the chair of a Federation ship and help explore parts unknown. With the Vulcan population in search of a new home, it’s up to the crew of the U.S.S. Aegis to travel to The Trench in hopes of finding a replacement.

Played with a group of friends, the game supports real-time lip sync to make it appear that the characters are actually speaking to each other, and a recent update now also allows those without PlayStation VR to experience Star Trek: Bridge Crew, as well.

A Fisherman’s Tale

A Fisherman’s Tale is the kind of game that could only exist in VR. You play as a fisherman puppet named Bob, who needs to get to the lighthouse before a terrible storm hits — at least that’s the setup. The reality of the situation is much more amusing and ultimately inventive. When Bob opens the model of his home, he sees himself, reacting to every move he makes. Playing as a puppeteer, you must guide Bob on his adventure to the lighthouse, all the while manipulating the world and solving puzzles. The narrative shines, the puzzles are challenging but approachable, and the act of pulling the proverbial strings in VR makes for a constantly charming and impressive adventure.


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