The Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Cases

Samsung’s biggest new phones are finally here. While the Galaxy Note series is always one of the largest phones released in any given year, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus‘ 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED display is enormous, even in a world with many other supersized phones. But big doesn’t always mean strong, and the beautiful glass back on the Note 10 Plus won’t stay good looking for long if it takes a tumble and suffers at the hands of your local concrete.

For the love of Samsung, protect it. The Note 10 Plus starts from a heady $1,100 — are you really going to balk at buying a little protection? Here are some of the best protective cases you can buy to keep your Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Note 10 Plus 5G in fighting shape for longer.

Incipio Tran5form 5G-compatible case

best samsung galaxy note 10 plus cases incipio

Looking for drop protection? Then you’ve come to the right place. Incipio is well known for providing thin and lightweight cases that protect well in spite of their slim builds — and now Incipio is offering a strong and light case that’s been engineered to work with 5G wavebands. Thin enough to provide a window through to your device’s good looks, the Tran5form case provides support for both high- and low-frequency 5G bands. Even with that slim build, it’s supremely protective and provides drop-protection from falls of up to 5 feet (1.5 meters). It looks good and it’s extremely protective — so what’s the downside? It’s a little expensive at $40.

Kate Spade New York Scattered Flowers case

best samsung galaxy note 10 plus cases kate spade

The Note 10 Plus is already a stunning phone, but you can always add a little more style. This case comes from the extremely fashionable Kate Spade New York brand, and decorates your phone with a collection of black and white scattered flowers laid over a completely clear case. The effect is striking, and if you think your phone needs a little more pizzazz, then this might be a good choice. It’s protective too, with a flexible hard shell that resists scratches, dents, and protects against damage from drops. It’s fully compatible with Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband, making it a good choice for the Note 10 Plus 5G. It’s expensive at $50, though.

Olixar NovaShield case

best samsung galaxy note 10 plus cases olixar

Protective cases can sometimes be large, bulky, and — in the worst cases — quite ugly. Not so here. Olixar’s NovaShield uses a flexible and absorbent TPU bumper with a hard PC back panel to resist a variety of damage. Airbags in the TPU bumper fortify the phone against drops, and a raised edge protects the screen, while the hard PC panel will prove especially effective against scratches. The back panel is also completely clear, which means you don’t feel cut off from the Note 10 Plus’s good looks. At just $14, it’s also a bargain. The black bumper edgings won’t be to everyone’s tastes certainly, but it’s a good case regardless.

VRS Designs Genuine Leather Diary case

best samsung galaxy note 10 plus cases vrs designs

No material screams “premium” quite like genuine leather, and if you want that feeling for your Note 10 Plus, check out VRS Designs’ Diary case. It’s made from premium, genuine leather with a hard inner case that holds your phone tightly. The front cover folds around your screen and provides protection while you’re not using your phone, and it neatly folds back behind your device when you need it out of the way. As a wallet case, there’s also space for three credit cards or some spare cash. However, expect to pay a lot of money for that utility and style — the price comes in at a hefty $63.

Armor-X BX-series case with carabiner and key mount

best samsung galaxy note 10 plus cases armor x

Protection is all very well and good, but versatility is also extremely valuable. Armor-X ensures you don’t have to pick between the two. This case is made from a dual-layer construction that uses a TPU frame with a hard PC back panel to protect against drops and scratches, all without increasing the bulk of your sleek phone. But you can find that in many other cases too, so what’s unique here? The X-mount, that’s what. The BX-series case comes with a carabiner and a grip strap to help hold and store your phone — but the integrated X-mount also has support for Armor-X’s bike mount, armband clip, car mount, and more. While you’ll need to fork out for those extra mounts, it’s clear the BX-series is a case designed for a wide variety of people with active lifestyles. At $25 for the basic package, it’s an absolute steal.


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