Through a Glass, Darkly, at McDonald’s

At McDonald’s restaurants in Japan, summer-themed drink cups have become a collector’s item.


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The owner of the golden arches tries to cultivate a wholesome image—not just in its home country but abroad as well. An attempt to do that at


in Japan has failed spectacularly, but it has been a commercial success, proving once again that “sex sells.”

Its summer-themed McFizz drinks come in glasses portraying young couples in innocent courtship. But tilting the glasses in certain ways portrays them as going well past that stage in several images posted on social media. The poses are too racy to describe in a PG-rated newspaper. As English-language Japanese culture website GaijinPot puts it, though: “The whole thing brings a new meaning to the slogan, ‘I’m lovin’ it.’ ”

Luckily for McDonald’s, the Japanese have a sense of humor. The glasses “are becoming a prized collectible,” GaijinPot reports.

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